California-Russian Emigre Series

Alexander Paul Albov
Recollections of Pre-Revolutionary Russia, The Russian Revolution and Civil War, The Balkans in the 1930s and Service in the Vlasov Army in World War II, 1986, 550 pp.

Mayer Baylin
Mayer Baylin's Oral History, 1993, 158 pp.

Paul Dotsenko
The Struggle for the Liberation of Siberia, 1960, 115 pp.

Valentin V. Fedoulenko
Russian Emigrant Life in Shanghai, 1967, 398 pp.

George Guins
Impressions of the Russian Imperial Government, 1966, 242 pp.
Professor and Government Official: Russia, China and California, 1971, 780 pp.

Aleksandr N. Lenkoff
Life of Russian Émigré Soldier, 1967, 222 pp.

Elizabeth Malozemoff
The Life of a Russian Teacher. 1961, 456 pp.

Plato Malozemoff
A Life in Mining: Siberia to Chairman of Newmont Mining Corporation, 1909-1985. 1990, 340 pp.

Jacob Marschak
Recollections of Kiev and the Northern Caucasus. 1971, 212 pp.

Victorin Moltchanoff
The Last White General. 1972, 324 pp.

Miklos Nagy-Talavera
Recollections of Soviet Labor Camps. 1972, 248 pp.

Russian Émigré Recollections: Life in California and Russia. 1983, 498 pp.
Interviews with Vera A. Elischer, Adolf Idol, Nikolai N. Khripunov, Oswald Kratins, Olga C. Morgan, Vasily V. Ushanoff, and Valentina A. Vernon.

Lialia Andreevna Sharov
Life in Siberia and Manchuria, 1898-1922, a Memoir. 1960, 300 pp.

Ivan Stenbock-Fermor
Memoirs of Life in Old Russia, World War I, Revolution, and in Emigration. 1976, 1116 pp.

Boris Shebeko
Russian Civil War 1918-1922. 1961, 456 pp.

Michael Shneyeroff
Recollections of the Russian Revolution. 1960.

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