History of Bay Area Philanthropy

This oral history series continues The Bancroft Library's interest in documenting the development and impact of organized philanthropy in northern California. Memoirs record the experiences and philosophies of men and women who have significantly shaped charitable activities in the Bay Area, many of which continue to influence national and international as well as regional issues.

Interviews focus on major changes in private and foundation giving since the 1960s. Topics include organization and practices of selected Bay Area foundations, growth in corporate giving, changes in government support and policies, development of collaboration among grantmakers, and related concerns. Trustee leadership and community input in shaping public and private philanthropic ventures are also discussed.

Morris M. Doyle: The Spirit and Morale of Private Philanthropy: Stanford University and the James Irvine Foundation, 1990, 149 pp.

Herman Gallegos: Equity and Diversity: Hispanics in the Nonprofit World, 1989, 157 pp.

Martha Alexander Gerbode: Environmentalist, Philanthropist, and Volunteer in the San Francisco Bay Area and Hawaii, 1995, 280 pp.

Rhoda H. and Richard M. Goldman [available only in The Bancroft Library]
Experience and Adventure in the Goldman Charitable Funds, 1994, 241 pp.

Richard Greene
Richard Greene: Distinguished Tax Attorney, Estate Planner, and Leader in the Arts, Philanthropic and University Communities. 2013, 771 pp.

Evelyn Danzig Haas (b. 1917), Fine Arts and Family: The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Philanthropy, Writing, and Haas Family Memories, 1997, 288 pp.

Peter Haas: A Life
In His Own Words, with Commentary by Friends and Associates. 2003, 127 pp.

Warren Hellman
Financier, Philanthropist, Civic Patron, Mensch. 2014, 399 pp.

Roger W. Heyns
Collected Thoughts on Grantmaking and the Hewlett Foundation, 1989, 99 pp.

Florence Jurs: Volunteer Leader in East Bay Oakland Potluck, A Central Place and Children Service 1939-1994, 1996, 242 pp.

Doris Shoong Lee
Carrying on the Family Legacy of Chinese American Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy. 2007, 124 pp.

Theodore B. Lee
From Chinatown to Harvard: A Lifetime of Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy. 2007, 238 pp.

Sally Lilienthal
Funding Prevention of Nuclear War, 1989, 181 pp.

Leslie Luttgens
Organizational Aspects of Philanthropy: San Francisco Bay Area, 1948-1988, 1990, 328 pp.

Charles Patterson
Working for Civic Unity in Government, Business, and Philanthropy, 1994, 220 pp.

Madeleine Haas Russell (1915-1999)
Democratic Committeewoman, Philanthropist. 2013, 137 pp.

Ben and A. Jess Shenson
Drs. Ben and A. Jess Shenson: Over One Hundred Years of Service to San Francisco in Medicine, Music and the Arts, 1998, 322 pp.

Robert Shetterly
East Bay Experiences in Corporate Social Responsiblity, 1991, 172 pp.

Barclay Simpson
Barclay Simpson: An Oral History. 2013, 164 pp.

Mary C. Skaggs and Philip Jelley
Specialized Granting with National and International Impact, 1989, 129 pp.

Yori Wada
Working for Youth and Social Justice: The YMCA, the University of California, and the Stulsaft Foundation. 1991, 203 pp.

Phyllis Wattis
The Life Cycle of a Personal Foundation, 1958-1988, 1991, 130 pp.

Isabel Wong-Vargas
Business, Family and Personal Philanthropy in Peru, China, and the United States, 1993, 416 pp.

Zellerbach Family Fund Innovations in Support of Human Services and the Arts, 1992, 267 pp.
William Joseph Zellerbach
, Edward Nathan on grantmaking for family and child welfare services; Beverly Abbott, and Janice Mirikitani.


Volume I
Introduction to Series
John Rickard May, Building a Community Foundation

Volume II
Ruth Chance, At the Heart of Grants for Youth

Volume III
Daniel E. Koshland, Responding to the Flow of New Ideas in the Community
Philip S. Ehrlich, Sr., An Attorney's Twenty-Five Years of Philanthropic Service
Josephine Whitney Duveneck, Working for a Real Democracy with Children and Other Minority Groups
Marjorie Doran Elkus, Recollections of San Francisco Private Agencies and Foundations, 1935-1950
Dorothy W. Erskine, Environmental Quality and Planning: Continuity of Volunteer Leadership
Florence Richardson Wyckoff, A Volunteer Career, from the Arts and Education to Public Health Issues
Emmett Gamaliel Solomon, A Corporate Citizen's Concern for the Effectiveness of a Community Foundation
Bill Somerville, A Foundation Executive in Training, 1961-1974

Volume IV
Frank Sloss, Tradition and Change: Continuing Education of a Foundation Board Member
Edmond S. Gillette, Jr., Smaller Foundation Trusteeship: Obligations to Friendship and the Community
Charles Glock, A Sociologist Comments on Getting, Using, and Making Grants
Jean Gerlinger Kuhn, Balance and Order in a Community Trust
William Matson Roth, The Tradition of Voluntary Solutions to Public Problems
Richard Foster, Avoiding Institutional Entropy; A School Superintendent's View
Orville Luster, Growth of a Grassroots Youth Agency in the 1960s
Obie Benz and Peter Stern, A New Generation of Grant-Making Ideas

Volume V
Milton Salkind, New Vitality in the San Francisco Conservatory of Music
E. P. (Red) Stephenson, Transition: White Man in a Black Town, 1950-1967
Caroline Moore Charles, Development and Dynamics of Volunteer Organizations
Arabella Martinez, The Spanish-Speaking Unity Council, Inc., and Bay Area Foundations
Ira DeVoyd Hall, Jr., Community Resources: Turning Ideas into Action
Sam Yuen, Philosopher and Community Agency Administrator

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