Oral Histories of Italian-Americans

Valenti Angelo (1897-1982)
Art and Books: A Glorious Variety, 1980, 157 pp.

Philo Biane (b. 1909)
Wine Making in Southern California and Recollections of Fruit Industries, Inc., 1972, 100 pp.

John B. Cella (1918-1998)
The Cella Family in the California Wine Industry, 1986, 75 pp.

Mario Ciampi (b. 1907)
"Art in Architecture--The Newman Center, Berkeley" 37 pp. in Renaissance of Religious Art and Architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1964-1968. 1985. Volume I. 361 pp.

The DeDomenico Family: Growth of the Golden Grain Company through Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Interviews with Vincent DeDomenico, Thomas DeDomenico, Anthony DeDomenico, Donato Ferrigno, Lois DeDomenico, and Dennis DeDomenico. 1994, 380 pp.

Robert Di Giorgio (1911-1991) and Joseph A. Di Giorgio (1908-1989)
The Di Giorgios: From Fruit Merchants to Corporate Innovators. 1986. 214 pp.

William Figari (1886-1982)
San Francisco Bay and the Waterfront, 1900-1965. 1969. 169 pp.

William R. Gianelli (b. 1919)
The California State Department of Water Resources, 1967-1973. 1986. 86 pp.

Horace O. Lanza (1881-1983), and Harry Baccigaluppi (b. 1901)
California Grape Products and Other Wine Enterprises, 1971, 150 pp.

Polly Ghirardelli Lawrence (b. 1921) Chocolate industry family member.
The Ghirardelli Family and Chocolate Company of San Francisco. 1985. 186 pp.

Louis M. Martini (1887-1974) and Louis P. Martini (1918-1998)
Wine Making in the Napa Valley, 1973, 94 pp.

Louis P. Martini (1918-1998)
A Family Winery and the California Wine Industry, 1984, 126 pp.

Robert Mondavi (b. 1913)
Creativity in the Wine Industry, 1985, 107 pp.

Anthony L. Palumbo (b. 1918)
"Law Enforcement, Emergency Planning and the California National Guard" 56 pp. in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice in California, 1966-1976. 1985 309 pp.

John A. Parducci (b. 1918)
Six Decades of Making Wine in Mendocino County, California. 1992. 108 pp.

Antonio Perelli-Minetti (1882-1976)
A Life in Wine Making, 1975, 174 pp.

Louis A. Petri (1912-1980)
The Petri Family in the Wine Industry, 1971, 67 pp.

Raymond Puccinelli (1904-1986)
Sculptor: San Francisco to Florence, 1979, 76 pp.

Victor Repetto (1894-1972) and Sydney J. Block
Perspectives on California Wines: A Career in the Wine Industry in New York and California; and Selling California Wines in New Orleans, 1976, 65 pp.

Edmund A. Rossi (1888-1974)
Italian-Swiss Colony and the Wine Industry. 1971. 103 pp.

Edmund A. Rossi Jr. (1924-1996)
Italian Swiss Colony, 1949-1989: Recollections of a Third-Generation California Winemaker, 1990, 148 pp.

Louis Siegriest (1899-1989) and Lundy Siegriest (1925-1985)
1954, 95 pp.

Louis (Bob) Trinchero (b. 1936)
California Zinfandels, a Success Story, 1992, 144 pp.

Alfonso J. Zirpoli (1905-1995)
Faith in Justice: Alfonso J. Zirpoli and the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. 1984. 270 pp.

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