Individual Community Histories

Leon Bocqueraz
Finding of the Drake Plate, 1956, 68 pp.

Thomas W. Chinn
A Historian's Reflections on Chinese American Life in San Francisco 1919-1991. 1993, 287 pp.

Ruth Hill Cooke
Living the California Consciousness: Carmel, San Francisco, and the World, 1983, 182 pp.

Frederick Webb Hodge
Frederick Webb Hodge, Ethnologist, 1957, 560 pp.

Maripose Reminiscences, 1954, 72 pp.

Joseph Marshall
Omega Boys Club-Alive & Free Oral History Project. 2014, 161 pp.

Carlos Muñoz
Latino Leader and Scholar. 2014, 250 pp.

University Club of San Francisco One Hundred Years of Tradition and Change, 1989, 448 pp. Interviews with Tindall E. Cashion, Theodore L. Eliot, Henry G. Hardy, Frederick O. Johnson, John G. Lewis, Chauncey McKeever, Robert Morris, Charles E. Noble, Churchill C. Peters, Ignazio J. Ruvolo, F. Barreda Sherman, Murray Smith, and William O. Sumner.

Midge Wilson
Midge Wilson: An Oral History, 2013, 178 pp.


William Taylor Brown
A Discussion of his life in Berkeley city politics and in the consumers cooperative movement
, 1994, 226 pp.

Helen Sommer Gage
Recollections of Prattville and Warner Valley, 1973, 58 pp.

Edna Murphy
Life from Another Perspective: a Black Woman's Autobiography, 1985, 78 pp.

Ethel Ray Nance
Oral history of the San Francisco African American Historical and Cultural Society, 1945-1986, 1986, 116 pp.

Young Oy Bo Lee
From China to America: Chinese Culture and Heritage, 1928-1980, 1987, 82 pp.

Interviews about Redwood City, California, 1987, 82 pp.
Interviews with Leonard Dalve, Barbara Bent, George Drivon, Hilda McGovern, John Ryan, Winthrop H. Thorpe, A. C. Argo. Conducted by James DeBenedetti and Jeanette Strong as part of Redwood City's 1976 Bicentennial Celebration.

Redwood City History 1994, 204 pp.
Interviews with Joseph Britsghi, John Clarkin, Albert Davies, Andrew Spinas.

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