The Girls’ Club, San Francisco: Recollections of Members and Associates

At the turn of the century, Rachel Wolfsohn founded the Girls’ Club in San Francisco in order to provide a gathering place where girls, who might not otherwise have the opportunity, could engage in a range of cultural activities. In 1972, Ruth Teiser conducted an interview with Leah Selix and Adrienne Bonn, who were both long-time Girls’ Club members and whose enduring relationship began there. In 1972, Selix and Bonn continued the project, interviewing eighteen people who had been members of or associated with the Girls’ Club, capturing essential history of this cultural institution.

The tapes were deposited in the Bancroft Library but not transcribed. In 2003, Adrienne Bonn supported having the Girls’ Club interviews transcribed and made available, in memory of Leah Selix. Papers and photographs from the Girls’ Club have been placed at the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

The Girls' Club, San Francisco: Recollections of Members and Associates. 2005. 558 pp.
Interviews with:

A. Appleton
Dorothy Schnitman
Jean Thayer/Barbara Stewart Mozley
Gwendolyn Powers Applegarth
Lenore Peters Job
Mast Wolfson
Herbert Schirmer
Hazel Gowan Salmi
Frederica Armstrong Rohrer
Crystal Lake Bermel
Sylvia Simons Marcus
Celene Sheldon Olsen
Pauline Harris Bogart
Flora Wolfsohn
Marion Brune Hayes Cain
Pendleton Williams Quast
Leah Selix/Adrienne Bonn
Ray Ann Iversen Demiris

Interviews Conducted by Leah Selix and Adrienne Bonn in 1972-73.

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