Organizations and Issues of the Blind, 1880s-1950s

Mary Gallagher
An Interview with Mary Gallagher. 1955, 376 pp.

Allen Jenkins
Allen Jenkins on the Attitudes and Activists of the Organized Blind. 1956, 646 pp.

Lillian McClure and Perry Sundquist
Aid to the Blind, 1955, 48 pp. [Division of the Blind, State Department of Social Welfare]

Newel Perry
Dr. Newel Perry and the California Council for the Blind, 1956, 320 pp.

Jacobus tenBroek
On the Organization and Philosophy of the National Federation of The Blind. 2012, 44 pp. [Interviews conducted 1955-56]

For related interviews, see The Disability Rights and Independent Living Movement Oral History Project.


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