Ben H. Bagdikian
Journalist, Media Critic, Professor and Dean Emeritus, UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. 2011, 198 pp.

Gobind Behari Lal
A Journalist from India, At Home in the World. 1983, 266 pp.

Warren Hinckle
Warren Hinckle: Journalist, Editor, Publisher, Iconoclast. 2013, 763 pp.

Joseph Houghteling
Print, Politics, & Public Service: A Life in San Francisco Bay Area Newspaper, the Democratic Party, & California Government Commissions. 2003. [Available only in The Bancroft Library]

Harry Lutgens
Publishing and Politics in California. 1961, 342 pp.

Scott Newhall
A Newspapers Editor's Voyage Across SF Bay. 1990, 726 pp.

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