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Source Name
100 Commercial Appeal (Memphis)
101 Harper's Monthly Magazine
102 Langdon, Jervis. Samuel Langhorne Clemens: Some Reminiscences. n.d.
103 Louisviller (Ky.) Anzeiger
104 Boston Herald
105 Parke-Bernet Galleries catalogs
106 Tauchnitz, Bernhard. The Harvest. 1937.
107 American Art Association catalogs
108 Hamilton, Charles. Collecting Autographs and Manuscripts. 1961.
109 Seventy-second Anniversary Celebration of the New England Society. 1877.
110 Hamilton (Charles) catalogs
111 Goodspeed's catalogs
112 Berkshire County (Mass.) Eagle
113 Perspectivas (Universidad de las Americas)
114 Paine, Albert B. Mark Twain's Letters. 1917.
116 Swann Galleries Inc. catalogs
117 Hartford Courant
118 Memphis Avalanche
119 New York Evening Post
120 Dawson's Book Shop catalogs
121 Ticknor, Caroline. Glimpses of Authors. 1922.
122 American Art Association--Anderson Galleries catalogs
123 Hawaiian Annual
124 Frear, Walter F. Mark Twain and Hawaii. 1947.
125 Davis, Sam. Short Stories. 1886.
127 Richards (Paul C.) catalogs
128 Pacific Northwest Quarterly
129 Saturday Evening Post
130 AB Bookman's Weekly
131 New York Times
132 Stead, William T. Portraits and Autographs. 1890.
133 History of the Missouri Press Association. 1931.
134 Henkels (Stan V.) catalogs
137 Lowe (James) Autographs catalogs
138 Strand Magazine (London)
140 Bangs, Francis H. John Kendrick Bangs. 1941.
142 Jerome, Robert D. and Wisbey, Herbert A. Mark Twain in Elmira. 1977.
143 Smith, U.S. Up a Tree with Mark Twain. 1978.
144 Smythe, Colin. Seventy Years: Being the Autobiography of Lady Gregory. 1974.
145 Orcutt, William D. In Quest of the Perfect Book. 1926.
146 Rice, Alice H. The Inky Way. 1940.
147 Wells, Carloyn. The Rest of My Life. 1937.
148 Jordan, Elizabeth. Three Rousing Cheers. 1938.
150 Hannibal (Mo.) Daily Post
151 Harper's Weekly Magazine
152 New Orleans Times-Democrat
153 Paine, Albert B. Mark Twain: A Biography. 1912.
154 Wallace, L. Living Leaders of the World. 1889.
155 Sotheby & Co. (London) catalogs
156 Severance, Emily A. Journal Letters of Emily A. Severance. 1938.
157 Anderson Auction Company catalogs
158 Muscatine (Ia.) Journal
159 Mark Twain Journal
160 Autograph Collector's Journal; see also Autograph Collector Online, 591
161 American Literature
162 Adelaide Observer
163 Ainslee's Magazine
164 Altman (B.) & Co. catalogs
165 American Book Auction catalogs
166 M & S Rare Books catalogs
168 Argosy Book Stores catalogs
169 Army and Navy Journal
170 First Annual Meeting and Banquet of the Associated Pioneers of the Territorial Days of California. 1876.
171 Atlantic Monthly
173 Baker (G.A.) & Co. catalogs
174 Baldwin, James M. Between Two Wars. 1926.
175 Bangs & Co. catalogs
176 Batchelder (Robert F.) catalogs
177 Battan (David) Autographs catalogs
178 Benjamin (Walter R.) Autographs catalogs
179 Black (Robert K.) catalogs
181 Blumenfeld, R.D. In the Days of Bicycles & Bustles. 1930.
182 Bodley Book Shop catalogs
183 Bok, Edward W. Twice Thirty. 1925.
184 Bok, Edward W. Americanization of Edward Bok. 1922.
185 Bolton, Sarah K. Famous American Authors. 1940.
187 Bookman, The (London)
188 Carnegie, Andrew. Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie. 1920.
189 Boston Daily Advertiser
190 Boston Evening Journal
191 Boston Evening Transcript
192 Bradford (Penn.) Reporter
193 Broadley, A.M. Chats on Autographs. 1910.
194 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
195 Brown, John Jr. and Forrest, D.W. Letters of Dr. John Brown. 1907.
196 Buffalo Express
197 Burdette, Clara B. Robert J. Burdette: His Message. 1922.
198 California Book Auction Company catalogs
199 Carnegie Book Shop catalogs
200 Carson Appeal (Carson City, Nev.)
201 Carson City (Nev.) Daily Independent
202 Carter, M.H. Cat Stories Retold from St. Nicholas. 1914.
203 Chapin, Adele. Their Trackless Way. 1931.
204 Chattanooga (Tenn.) Republican
205 Chicago Book Auction catalogs
206 Chicago Herald
207 Chicago Tribune
208 Childhood's Appeal (Boston)
209 Christian Union (New York)
210 Christie, Manson & Woods catalogs
211 Chubb, Edwin W. Stories of Authors: British and American. 1926.
212 City Book Auction catalogs
213 Cohasco Inc. catalogs
214 Colfax Clipper (Iowa)
215 In Memoriam, Peter F. Collier. 1910.
216 Coming Out, A Letter to a Rosebud. n.d.
217 Cortissoz, Royal. Life of Whitelaw Reid. 1921.
219 Critic, The (New York)
221 De Sormo, Maitland C. Summers on the Saranac. 1982.
224 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Centenary. 1959.
226 Duschnes (Philip) catalogs
227 Duttons Inc. catalogs
228 Bibliophile Society. Eighteenth Year Book 1919. 1919.
229 House of El Dieff (Lew David Feldman) catalogs
230 Ellsworth, William W. A Golden Age of Authors. 1919.
231 Herbert, B.B. First Decennium of the National Editorial Association. 1896.
232 Forum, The (New York)
233 Freeman (Samuel T.) & Co. catalogs
234 Friend, The (Honolulu)
235 Frohman, Daniel. Daniel Frohman Presents. 1935.
236 Genesee (Geneseo, N.Y.) Valley Herald
237 Gillis, William R. Gold Rush Days with Mark Twain. 1930.
239 Globe, The (Buffalo)
244 Hamon, Louis. Cheiro's Memoirs. 1912.
245 Hannibal (Mo.) Daily Journal
246 Hannibal (Mo.) Evening Courier Post
247 Hannibal (Mo.) Weekly Journal
248 Harper, J. Henry. House of Harper. 1912.
250 Harris (Doris) Autographs catalogs
251 Hartford Evening Post
252 Hartford Times
255 Heritage Bookshop catalogs
256 Hobbies--The Magazine for Collectors
257 Horner, Charles. Life of James Redpath. 1926.
258 Howells, William D. My Mark Twain. 1910.
260 Hunley (Maxwell) Rare Books catalogs
261 Hutton, Lawrence. Talks in a Library. 1909.
263 Inland Printer, The (Chicago)
264 Iowa Journal of History and Politics
265 Jacobs, Lewis. Rise of the American Film. 1968.
266 Jenkins Company catalogs
267 Johnson, Robert U. Remembered Yesterdays. 1923.
268 Johnson, Willis F. George Harvey. 1929.
269 Journal of Society for Psychical Research (London)
270 Kansas City Star Magazine
271 Kansas City Times
272 Kelleher (Daniel F.) Co. catalogs
273 Keller, Helen. Midstream. 1929.
274 Kennedy, James H. History of the Ohio Society of New York. 1906.
275 Keokuk (Ia.) Gate City
276 Koch, Robert. Louis C. Tiffany: Rebel in Glass. 1964.
277 Koschal (Stephen) catalogs
278 Ladies' Home Journal
279 Moody, Eric N. Western Carpetbagger. 1978.
280 Law, Frederick H. Modern Great Americans. 1926.
281 Leach (Ken) catalogs
282 Libbie (C.F.) & Co. catalogs
283 Lion Heart Autographs catalogs
284 Lindley, Elizabeth. The Diary of a Book-Agent. 1911.
285 Arkansaw Traveler
287 Larrowe, Marcus D. (Loisette, Alphonse). Loisettian School of Physiological Memory. 1887.
288 London Morning Post
289 London Standard
290 Louisville Courier-Journal
291 Lucy, Henry W. Sixty Years in the Wilderness. 1909.
292 Lyceum Magazine (Boston)
293 Clemens, Clara. My Father Mark Twain. 1931.
294 Clemens, Clara. My Husband Gabrilowitsch. 1938.
295 Webster, Samuel C. Mark Twain, Business Man. 1946.
296 Clemens, William M. Mark Twain: His Life and Work. 1894.
297 Clemens, Cyril. Mark Twain: The Letter Writer. 1932.
298 Wecter, Dixon. Mark Twain to Mrs. Fairbanks. 1949.
299 MacDonald, Greville. George MacDonald and His Wife. 1924.
300 MacKaye, Percy. Epoch: The Life of Steel MacKaye. 1927.
301 MacManus (George S.) Co. catalogs
302 Maggs Brothers catalogs
303 McElroy, Robert. Grover Cleveland: The Man and the Statesman. 1923.
305 Merwin-Clayton Sales Company catalogs
306 Monroe Country (Mo.) Appeal
307 The Bookman (New York)
308 Mott (Howard S.) Inc. catalogs
309 Mott, Frank L. History of American Magazines. 1938.
310 Muscatine (Ia.) Tri-Weekly Journal
311 Myers & Co. catalogs
312 New York Evening Mail
313 New York Graphic
314 New York Herald
315 New York Journal
316 New York Sun
317 New York Tribune
318 New York Weekly
319 New York World
320 Eighth Annual Dinner of the New York Press Club. 1881.
321 Paine, Albert B. Th. Nast: His Period and His Pictures. 1904.
323 Neville (Maurice F.) Rare Books catalogs
324 Newark Galleries catalogs
325 Newman (Marvin H.) catalogs
326 Nye, Frank W. Bill Nye, His Own Life Story. 1926.
327 Otto, Curt. Verlag Bernard Tauchnitz. 1912.
328 Packard's Short-hand Reporter & Amanuensis (New York)
400 Pall Mall Gazette (London)
401 Paris (Mo.) Mercury
402 Pepper & Stern catalogs
403 Petoskey (Mich.) Record
404 Philadelphia Evening Bulletin
405 Philadelphia Public Ledger
406 Phillips catalogs
407 Pike, Gustavus. Singing Campaign for Ten Thousand Pounds. 1875.
408 Pond, James B. Eccentricities of Genius. 1900.
409 Freeman, William H. Press Club of Chicago: A History. 1894.
410 Proceedings at the Meeting for the Foundation of the International Copyright Association. 1888.
411 Profiles in History Virtual Auction Catalog 1
412 Rains Galleries catalogs
414 Redding (Conn.) Times
415 Rendell (Kenneth W.) catalogs
416 Ross, Janet. Fourth Generation. 1912.
417 San Francisco Alta California
418 Sotheby's or Sotheby Parke-Bernet (New York) catalogs
419 Sanborn, John W. Distinguished Authors. 1920.
421 Scott & O'Shaughnessy catalogs
422 Self (K.C.) catalogs
424 Society of the Army of the Potomac. Report of the Nineteenth Annual Reunion. 1888.
425 Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge catalogs
426 Spectator, The (London)
428 St. Louis Republican
429 Stedman, Laura. Life and Letters of Edmund Clarence Stedman. 1910.
430 Reade, A. Arthur. Study and Stimulants. 1883.
431 Virginia City Territorial Enterprise
433 S.L.C. to C.T. 1925.
436 Union Art Galleries catalogs
437 Van Dyke, Tertius. Henry Van Dyke: A Biography. 1935.
438 Van Nosdall (G.A.) catalogs
439 Wakeman, Edgar. Log of an Ancient Mariner. 1878.
440 Wallace, Elizabeth. Mark Twain and the Happy Island. 1913.
441 Walpole Galleries catalogs
442 Washington Daily National Intelligencer
444 Reception Given to Thurlow Weed. 1880.
445 Wheeler, Candace. Yesterdays in a Busy Life. 1918.
446 Whiting, Lilian. Kate Field: A Record. 1900.
447 Smith, Nora A. Kate Douglas Wiggin. 1925.
448 Wilder's Boston Book Auction catalogs
449 Wilson, Willard. Mark Twain Returns to Hawaii. 1969.
450 Wingate, Charles F. Sketch of the Celebration of the Sixty-First Birthday of Hon. Horace Greeley, LL.D. 1872.
451 Wood, M.E. Laurence and Eleanor Hutton: Their Books of Association. 1905.
452 Ximenes Rare Books catalogs
453 Richards, P. Zeichner und Geseichnete. 1912.
454 Zeitlin & Ver Brugge catalogs
456 Wecter, Dixon. Love Letters of Mark Twain. 1949.
457 London Times
459 Telegrapher (New York)
460 Twain, Mark. Punch Brothers Punch. 1878.
461 Kansas City Star
462 Second Life Books catalogs
463 Wilson Bulletin for Librarians
464 Bennett, F.O. History of the Press Club of Chicago. 1888.
465 Harper's Monthly Magazine Prospectus. 1902.
466 Mack, Effie M. Mark Twain in Nevada. 1947.
467 Salt Lake City Daily Tribune
468 Twainian, The (Perry, Mo.)
469 Idler, The
470 Missouri Historical Review
471 Golden Book Magazine
472 Bigelow, John. Retrospections of an Active Life. 1909.
473 Bikle, Lucy L. George W. Cable, His Life and Letters. 1928.
474 Cardwell, Guy A. Twins of Genius. 1953.
475 Daly, Joseph F. Life of Augustin Daly. 1917.
476 Appleton's Journal
477 Gilder, Rosamond. Letters of Richard Watson Gilder. 1916.
478 Hawaiian Herald
479 Howells, Mildred. Life in Letters of William Dean Howells. 1928.
480 San Francisco Ingleside
481 Hardwick, Elizabeth. Selected Letters of William James. 1961.
482 Jensen, Gerard E. Life and Letters of Henry Cuyler Bunner. 1939.
483 Multa Media Auction catalogs
484 Missouri Historical Society. Glimpses of the Past. 1936.
485 North American Review
486 Rubin, Louis D. George W. Cable. 1969.
487 San Francisco Call
488 Turner, Arlin. Mark Twain and George W. Cable. 1960.
489 University of California Magazine
490 Washington Evening Star
491 Colvin, Sidney. Letters and Miscellanies of Robert Louis Stevenson. 1911.
492 Smith, George A. Life of Henry Drummond. 1898.
493 Brooks, Van Wyck. Howells: His Life and World. 1959.
494 Pope, Bertha C. Letters of Ambrose Bierce. 1967.
495 Lee, Elizabeth. Ouida: A Memoir. 1914.
496 Smith, Nora A. Kate Douglas Wiggin as Her Sister Knew Her. 1925.
497 Nevada Historical Society Quarterly
498 Word Study
500 Holmes (David J.) Autographs catalogs
501 Masonic Light
502 Riba-Mobley Auctions, Inc. catalogs
503 American Magazine
504 Clemens, Cyril. Mark Twain's Jest Book. 1965.
505 Christie's catalogs
506 Thomas, Augustus. The Print of My Remembrance. 1922.
507 Beard, Dan. Hardly A Man Is Now Alive. 1939.
508 Black Sun Books catalogs
509 Memphis Press-Scimitar
510 Maddalena (Joseph M.) catalogs
511 Sotheran (Henry) Ltd. catalogs
512 Southern Literary Journal
513 Mark Twain's Library of Humor
514 Arader (W. Graham III) catalogs
515 19th Century Shop catalogs
516 Paine, Albert B. Mark Twain: Some Chapters from an Extraordinary Life. 1912.
517 Cummins (James) Bookseller catalogs
518 Granat (Jerry) & Darvick (Herman) catalogs
519 Manuscripts
520 Booked Up catalogs
521 Book Block catalogs
522 Washington Morning Chronicle
523 Fort Wayne Daily Gazette
524 Dabney, Roxana Lewis. Annals of the Dabney Family in Fayal.
525 Elmira Advertiser
526 Cleveland Herald
527 Browne, John Ross. J. Ross Browne: His Letters, Journals and Writings. 1969.
528 Fields, Mrs. James T. Charles Dudley Warner. 1904.
529 Wharton, James George. California Scrapbook: A Collection of Articles. 1945
530 Schulson (David) Autographs catalogs
531 Tollett & Harman catalogs
532 Smith, Henry N. Mark Twain-Howells Letters. 1960.
533 Dickey, Marcus. Maturity of James Whitcomb Riley. 1922.
534 New York Dramatic Mirror
535 Phelps, William L. Letters of James Whitcomb Riley. 1930.
536 San Francisco Mining & Scientific Press
537 James, Henry. Letters of William James. 1920.
538 American Book Prices Current catalogs
539 Greenslet, Ferris. Life of Thomas Bailey Aldrich. 1908.
540 Watson, Aaron. Savage Club. 1907.
541 Nevada Historical Society Quarterly
542 Charles S. Boesen catalogs
543 Leman, Walter M. Memories of an Old Actor. 1886.
544 San Francisco Golden Era
545 J. Fricelli Associates catalogs
546 Colum, Padraic, and Cabell, Margaret F. Between Friends: The Letters of James Cabell and Others. 1962.
547 Chronicle of the Historical Society of the Tarrytowns
548 Diversions of an Autograph Hunter. J.H. 1894.
549 San Francisco Newsletter and Pacific Mining Journal
550 Hagood, J. Hurley, and Hagood, Roberta. Hannibal Yesterdays. 1992.
551 Mark Twain Quarterly
552 Month at Goodspeed's
553 Sleepy Hollow Restorations
554 Reynolds, Cuyler. New York at the Jamestown Exposition. 1909.
555 Buffalo Courier
556 American Magazine
557 Yates, Edmund. Fifty Years of London Life. 1885.
558 Hornberger, Theodore. Mark Twain's Letters to Will Bowen. 1941.
559 Sacramento Union
560 Chapel Hill Rare Books catalogs
562 University Archives catalogs
563 San Francisco Examiner
564 Century Magazine
565 Thayer, William R. Life and Letters of John Hay. 1915.
566 Odesskie Novosti
567 San Francisco Bulletin
568 Baker, Ray Stannard. Woodrow Wilson: Life and Letters, Princeton, 1890-1910. 1927.
569 London Daily News
570 Linn's Stamp News (Sidney, Ohio)
571 New Orleans Auction Galleries catalogs
572 Stone, Melville E. Fifty Years a Journalist. 1921.
573 Musical America
574 Osborn, Norris G. Isaac H. Bromley. 1920.
575 R. M. Smythe & Co. catalogs
576 Christie's East catalogs
577 East Coast Books catalogs
578 Bromer Booksellers catalogs
579 Boston Morning Journal
580 Galaxy
581 American Publishing Company advertising circular, June 1869
582 Ainslee's Magazine
583 California News Letter and California Advertiser
584 The Rhodes Scholar catalogs
586 Muzej Nikole Tesle (Tesle Museum), Belgrade, Yugoslavia
587 Harnsberger, Caroline Thomas. Everyone's Mark Twain. 1972
588 Clemens, William M. Famous Funny Fellows. 1882
589 Gribben, Alan, and Nick Karanovich. Overland with Mark Twain. 1992
590 Waiting for Godot Books catalogs, Hadley, MA 01035
591 Autograph Collector Online
592 George Robert Minkoff Inc. Rare Books
593 Michael Silverman, Manuscripts catalogs, London, England
594 Sotheby's, London, catalogs
595 St. Louis Dispatch (1864-November 1878)
596 Dubuque (Iowa) Herald
597 St. Louis Times
598 Boston Daily Globe
599 St. Louis Post-Dispatch (December 1878+)
600 Rochester (N.Y.) Democrat and Chronicle
601 James Kraft, Selected Letters of Witter Bynner. 1981
602 Brick Row Book Shop catalogs, San Francisco, CA
603 William Doyle Galleries catalogs
604 Jackson's Auctioneers, Cedar Falls, IA,
605 Cordelia and Tom Platt catalogs
606 Edward N. Bomsey Autographs catalog
607 North Shore Manuscript Company catalog
608 Scott J. Winslow Associates auction catalog
609 Catherine Barnes catalog
610 Abbott, Charles D. Howard Pyle: A Chronicle. 1925
611 Pacific Book Auction Galleries, 133 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
612 Mayfield, John S. Mark Twain vs. the Street Railway Co. 1926
613 Harper & Row archives, present location not known
614 Diaries of Jean L. Clemens, 1900-1907, CSmH
615 Kotte Autographs, Kaufering, Germany catalogs
616 Allison, Henry Darracott. Dublin Days Old and New (New YOrk, 1952)
617 Antiques Roadshow
618 Bodley Book Shop catalogs
619 Geelong (Australia) News of the Week
620 Serendipity Books, Berkeley, CA (Peter B. Howard)
621 Christie's South Kensington, 85 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 3LD
622 EAC Gallery catalogs, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
623 Seven Gables Bookshop, New York, N.Y.
624 Cooley, John. Mark Twain's Aquarium. 1991.
625 Charles Yale, Bookseller, Pasadena, Calif.
626 Charles F. Heartman's Auction catalogs
627 Bookmark, Salisbury, Conn. 06068
628 David G. Phillips Co., Inc.
629 Harris, Julia Collier. The Life and Letters of Joel Chandler Harris. Boston and New York. Houghton Mifflin. 1918.
630 Profiles in History catalogs, Maple Plaza, 345 North Maple Dirve, Suite 202, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
632 Remember When Auctions, Inc. catalogs
633 Superior Auction Galleries catalogs, Bevely Hills, CA 90212
634 Butterfields Auctioneers Corp. catalogs
635 Bruce Gimelson Autographs catalogs
636 Reel Memories, Phoenix, Ariz.
637 Baltimore Book Company catalogs, 2114 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21218
638 Odyssey Autographs, Historical Documents and Memorabilia, Corona, CA, catalogs
639 Liberty Historic Manuscripts catalogs
641 Christophe Stickel Autographs catalogs
642 Taintor, Sarah Augusta, and Kate M. Monro, The Book of Modern Letters. 1933.
643 *Lobl, Peter, Washington, D.C.*
644 Rosenbach Co. catalogs
645 Smith, Perline & Co. catalogs
646 Hudson Rogue Co. catalogs
647 Bloomsbury Book Auctions catalog
648 Richard Wolffers Auctions Inc. catalogs
649 John Windle catalog, San Francisco, Ca. 94133
650 Willis Monie, Books catalog, Cooperstown, N.Y. 13326
651 New York Book & Art Auction Co.
652 Estates of Mind catalog
653 Becky Thatcher Book Shop, Hannibal, Mo. 63401
654 Kobenhavns Auktioner
655 Thomas E. Madigan, Inc. catalogs
666 American History catalogs
667 Springfield (Mass.) Republican
668 The Public
669 Heirlooms of History catalog
670 Quill & Brush, Rockville, Maryland
671 Gerard A. J. Stodolski, Inc. catalog, Manchester, N.H.
672 Glenn Books catalogs, Kansas City, Mo. 64111
673 James Cummins catalog, New York, NY 10021
674 Charles Agvent catalog, Mertztown, PA 19539
675 Alan C. Fox catalog, Sherman Oaks, Calif.
676 Brian Kathenes catalog, Trenton, N.J.
677 Grant, Ulysses S. Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant, PROSPECTUS. New York: Webster (C.L.) & Co., 1885.
678 Main Street Fine Books and Manuscripts catalog, Galena, Ill.
679 Athenaeum, The (London)
680 Rulon-Miller Books
681 Sharpey-Schafer, Joyce A. Soldier of Fortune: F. D. Millet, 1846-1912. 1984.
682 The Cheshire Cat, Being a Souvenir of the Visit of Certain . . ., 1916, ed. Harry Persons Taber, copy at ViU: PS1331 | .A3C42 | 1916
683 Henderson, Archibald. Mark Twain. New York, 1912.
684 Bruce N. Johnson Rare Books catalogs
685 Gallery of History, 3601 West Sahara Avenue, Las begas, NV catalogs
686 Bonhams & Butterfields catalogs
687 Paul C. Richards catalogs
688 Clemens, William M. Famous Funny Fellows. 1882.
689 Washington National Republican
690 Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Mich. 48124-4088
691 Collier's, The National Magazine
692 MastroNet Inc.,, Willowbrook, IL 60527
693 Blanchard and Co. catalogs
694 The Riverdale Press, Riverdale, NY
695 Punch, or the London Charivari
696 Review of Reviews, London
697 Hudson, Elizabeth. A Bibliography of the First Editions of the Works of E. OE. Somerville and Martin Ross. 1942.
698 Stodolski, Gerard A. J., Inc., 555 Canal St., Manchester NH 03101
699 Ralph W. Ashcroft v. John H. Hammond, 15 February 1910
700 New York Independent
701 Book Club of California
702 Buddenbrooks catalogs, Boston, MA 02116
703 The Autograph
704 Washington Post
705 Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA
706 Mark A. DeWolfe Howe, Causes and Their Champions
707 Harnsberger, Caroline Thomas, The Family Letters of Mark Twain, CU-MARK (tr)
ArH Helena Public Library, Helena, Ark.
ArU University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark.
As2 Wiener Stadt- und Landesbibliothek (Vienna State Library), Vienna, Austria.
AuBrU University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Brisbane, Qld., Australia.
AuMS State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Vic., Australia.
AuSN-M Library of New South Wales, Mitchell Library, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia.
BmuHA Bermuda Archives, Hamilton, Bermuda.
C California State Library, Sacramento, Calif.
CaA2 Aquila Books, Calgary, Alb., Canada.
CaNBFUA University of New Brunswick, Archives and Special Collections Department, Fredericton, N.B., Canada.
CaOGU University of Guelph, Guelph, Ont., Canada.
CaOOAMS Public Archives, Manuscript Division, Ottawa, Ont., Canada.
CaQMM McGill University, Humanities and Social Studies Library (McLennan / Redpath), Montréal, Que., Canada.
CaQMMO McGill University, Osler Library of History of Medicine, Montréal, Que., Canada.
CaQMMRB McGill University, Rare Books and Special Collections Division, Montréal, Que., Canada.
Cbri Mono County Free Library, Bridgeport, Calif.
CCamarSJ St. John's Seminary, Camarillo, California. Formerly home to the Estelle Doheny collection (now dispersed).
CCC Honnold/Mudd Library, Claremont, Calif.
CCC2 Denison Library, Claremont, Calif.
CL Los Angeles Public Library, Los Angeles, Calif.
CLjC James S. Copley Library, La Jolla, Calif.
CLSU University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Calif.
CLSU-Fe University of Southern California, Feuchtwanger Library, Los Angeles, Calif.
CLU-C University of California, Los Angeles, William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, Los Angeles, Calif.
CLU-SC University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Special Collections, Los Angeles, Calif.
CoDR Regis College, Denver, Colo.
COMC Mills College, Oakland, Calif.
CoU University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo.
CSadM Calaveras County Museum & Archives Library, San Andreas, Calif.
CSf San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco, Calif.
CSfCP Society of California Pioneers, San Francisco, Calif.
CSjU San Jose State University, San Jose, Calif.
CSmH Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, Calif.
CSoM Tuolomne County Museum, Sonora, Calif.
CSt Department of Special Collections, Green Library, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif.
CStbK Karpeles Manuscript Library, Santa Barbara, Calif.
CStoC University of the Pacific, Stockton, Calif.
Ct Connecticut State Library, Hartford, Conn.
CtB Bridgeport Public Library, Bridgeport, Conn.
CTcHi North Lake Tahoe Historical Society, Tahoe City, Calif.
CtFP Miss Porter's School, Farmington, Conn.
CtHC Hartford Seminary Foundation, Hartford, Conn.
CtHi Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, Conn.
CtHM Hartford Medical Society, Hartford, Conn.
CtHMTH Mark Twain Memorial, Hartford, Conn.
CtHPL Hartford Public Library, Hartford, Conn. [formerly CtH].
CtHSD Stowe-Day Memorial Library and Historical Foundation, Hartford, Conn.
CtHT-W Trinity College, Watkinson Library, Hartford, Conn.
CtLHi Litchfield Historical Society, Litchfield, Conn.
CtRe Mark Twain Library Association, Redding, Conn.
CtWehar2 Collection of Bill McBride.
CtY Yale University, Sterling Memorial Library, New Haven, Conn.
CtY-BR Yale University, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, New Haven, Conn.
CU University of California, Berkeley, Main Library, Berkeley, Calif.
CU-BANC University of California, Bancroft Library, Berkeley, Calif.
CU-MAPS University of California, Berkeley, Maps Collection, Berkeley, Calif.
CU-MARK University of California, Mark Twain Collection, Berkeley, Calif.
CU-NEWS University of California, Newspaper and Microcopy Division, Berkeley, Calif.
CU-SB University of California, University Library, Department of Special Collections, Santa Barbara, Calif.
DCos Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C.
DFo Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, D.C.
DGU Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
DGW George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
DJHi Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington, Washington, D.C.
DLC United States Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
Dn Kongelige Bibliotek (Royal Library), Copenhagen, Denmark.
DNA United States National Archives and Records Service, National Archives Library, Washington, D.C.
DSI Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
DSI-AAA Smithsonian Institution, Archives of American Art, Washington, D.C.
FiH2 Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura (Finnish Literature Society), Helsinki, Finland.
FTS University of South Florida, Tampa, Fla.
GASU Georgia State University, Atlanta, Ga.
GEU Emory University, Atlanta, Ga.
H-Ar Public Archives, Honolulu, HI.
HU University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI.
IaCrM Iowa Masonic Library, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
IaDaPM Putnam Museum, Davenport, Iowa
IaDmE Iowa State Education Association, Des Moines, Iowa.
IaDN Norwegian-American Historical Museum and Library, Decorah, Iowa.
IaHi State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.
IaK Keokuk Public Library, Keokuk, Iowa.
IaKS Keokuk Savings Bank and Trust Company, Keokuk, Iowa.
IaMc Mason City Public Library, Mason City, Iowa.
IaMu P. M. Musser Public Library, Muscatine, Iowa.
IaU University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.
IAurC Aurora College, Aurora, Ill.
IC Chicago Public Library, Chicago, Ill.
ICarbS Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Ill.
ICN Newberry Library, Chicago, Ill.
ICRL Center for Research Libraries, Chicago, Ill.
ICU University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
IdM University of Idaho Library, Moscow, Idaho.
IeDuNL National Library of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland [formerly IreDNL].
IEN Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill.
IGaPL Galena Public Library, Galena, Ill. [formerly IGa].
IGK Knox College, Galesburg, Ill.
Ii2 American Studies Research Center, Hyderabad, India.
IMacoW Western Illinois University, Macomb, Ill.
In Indiana State Library, Indianapolis, Ind.
InFwLW Louis A. Warren Lincoln Library and Museum, Fort Wayne, Ind.
InLP Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind.
InNd University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Ind.
InRE Earlham College, Richmond, Ind.
InU-Li Indiana University, Lilly Rare Books, Bloomington, Ind.
IsJJNL Jewish National and University Library, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
ItFi2 Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze, Firenze, Italy.
IU University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill.
IU-R University of Illinois, Rare Book Room, Urbana, Ill.
JIm Iwaki Meisei University, Iwaki, Fukushima, Japan.
KU-S University of Kansas, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Lawrence, Kans.
KyHi Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, Ky.
KyLoU University of Louisville, Louisville, Ky.
KyU University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky.
LaBrUHM Louisiana State University, Hill Memorial Library, Special Collections, Baton Rouge, La. [formerly LU-Ar].
LNT Tulane University, New Orleans, La.
M3 Superseded source.
MA Amherst College, Amherst, Mass.
MaBoMBE Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity, Boston, Mass.
MaNoSCMR Smith College, Neilson Library, Mortimer Rare Book Room, Northampton, Mass.
MAnP Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.
MB Boston Public Library and Eastern Massachusetts Regional Public Library System, Boston, Mass.
MBAt Boston Athenaeum, Boston, Mass.
MChB Boston College, Thomas P. O'Neill Library, Chestnut Hill, Mass.
MCo Concord Free Public Library, Concord, Mass.
MdBE Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, Md.
MdHi Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Md.
MdU University of Maryland, College Park, Md.
MeB Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Me.
MeHi Maine Historical Society, Portland, Me.
MeU Fogler Library, University of Maine, Orono, Me.
MeWC Colby College, Waterville, Me.
MFai Millicent Library, Fairhaven, Mass.
MGlHi Cape Ann Historical Association, Gloucester, Mass.
MH Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
MH-H Harvard University, Houghton Library, Cambridge, Mass.
MHi Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Mass.
Mi Michigan State Library, Lansing, Mich.
MiD Detroit Public Library, Detroit, Mich.
MiEM Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich.
MiGr Grand Rapids Public Library, Grand Rapids, Mich.
MiMtpT Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Mich.
MiU University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.
MiU-H University of Michigan, Michigan Historical Collection, Ann Arbor, Mich.
MLa2 Second Life Books, Lanesborough, Mass.
MLeoHi Leominster Historical Society, Leominster, Mass.
MnHi Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, Minn.
MnM Minneapolis Public Library, Minneapolis, Minn.
MNS Smith College, Northampton, Mass.
MnU-Rb University of Minnesota, Rare Book Division, Minneapolis, Minn.
Mo2 Collection of Cyril Clemens (see now CtHMTH).
Mo5 Elder Manufacturing Company, St. Louis, Mo.
MoCgS Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Mo.
MoCoJ Western Historical Manuscript Collection, Columbia, Mo.
MoFlM Mark Twain Museum, Mark Twain State Park, Florida, Mo.
MoFuWC Westminster College, Fulton, Mo.
MoHH Mark Twain Home Foundation, Hannibal, Mo.
MoHi Missouri State Historical Society, Columbia, Mo.
MoHM Mark Twain Museum, Hannibal, Mo.
MoKHC Hallmark Cards, Kansas City, Mo.
MoKiCO Still National Osteopathic Museum, Kirksville College of Osteopathy and Surgery, Kirksville, Mo.
MoKiU Truman State University, Kirksville, Mo.
MoPeS St. Mary's Seminary, Perryville, Mo.
MoPlS School of the Ozarks, Point Lookout, Mo.
MoS St. Louis Public Library, St. Louis, Mo.
MoSHi Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis, Mo.
MoSMTB Mark Twain Birthplace State Historic Site, Division of State Parks, Florida, Mo.
MoSW Washington University, St. Louis, Mo.
MoU University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.
MtHi Montana Historical Society, Helena, Mont.
MtLdD Dull Knife Memorial College Library, Lame Deer, Mont.
MU University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass.
MWA American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass.
MWC Special Collections, Robert Hutchings Goddard Library, Clark University, Worcester, Mass.
MWelC Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass.
MWiW-C Williams College, Chapin Library, Williamstown, Mass.
N New York State Library, Albany, N.Y.
NAlf Alfred University, Alfred, N.Y.
NB Nebraska State Library, Lincoln, Neb.
NBmtT Bear Mountain Trailside Museum, Palisades Interstate Park Commission, Bear Mountain, N.Y.
NbO Omaha Public Library, Omaha, Neb.
NbODWHM Durham Western Heritage Museum, Omaha, Neb. [formerly NbOD].
NBolS Marcella Sembrich Memorial Studio, Bolton Landing, N.Y.
NbU University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb.
NBuBE Buffalo and Erie County Public Library, Buffalo, N.Y.
NBuHi Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society, Buffalo, N.Y.
NBuU State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, N.Y.
NBuU-PO State University of New York at Buffalo, Poetry Library, Buffalo, N.Y.
NCaS St. Lawrence University, Canton, N.Y.
NcD Duke University, Durham, N.C.
NCH Hamilton and Kirkland Colleges, Clinton, N.Y.
NcU University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C.
NcWsW Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, N.C.
NEh East Hampton Free Library, East Hampton, N.Y.
NElmC Elmira College, Elmira, N.Y.
NElmHi Chemung County Historical Society, Elmira, N.Y.
NFred Darwin R. Barker Library Association, Fredonia, N.Y.
NFredU Daniel A. Reed Library, State University of New York, College at Fredonia, Fredonia, N.Y.
NGH Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, N.Y.
NHC Colgate University, Hamilton, N.Y.
NhD Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H.
NHemH Hofstra University, Hempstead, N.Y.
NHi New York Historical Society, New York, N.Y.
NHudO Olana State Historic Site, Hudson, N.Y.
NHyF Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, N.Y.
NIC Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.
NjHi New Jersey Historical Society, Newark, N.J.
NjMo Joint Free Public Library of Morristown and Morris Township, Morristown, N.J.
NjMoHP Morristown National Historical Park, Morristown, N.J.
NjN Newark Public Library, Newark, N.J.
NjP Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.
NjP-SC Princeton University, Princeton Special Collection, Princeton, N.J.
NjR Rutgers-The State University, Rutgers University Libraries, New Brunswick, N.J.
NjWoE Edison National Historic Site, West Orange, N.J.
NMh Library of Poultney Bigelow, Bigelow Homestead, Malden-on-Hudson, N.Y.
NmU University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, N.M.
NN New York Public Library, New York, N.Y.
NN10 Christie's East, New York, N.Y.
NN11 The Schubert Archive, Lyceum Theatre, New York, N.Y.
NN8 Christie's, New York, N.Y.
NN9 Sotheby's, New York, N.Y.
NNAF American Foundation for the Blind, New York, N.Y.
NNAL American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York, N.Y.
NN-BGC New York Public Library, Albert A. and Henry W. Berg Collection, New York, N.Y.
NNC Columbia University, New York, N.Y.
NNPf Carl H. Pforzheimer Library, New York, N.Y.
NNPM Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, N.Y.
NNU-F New York University, Fales Collection, New York, N.Y.
NNUnC University Club, New York, N.Y.
NNWH Walter Hampden Memorial Library, New York, N.Y.
NOgRM Remington Art Memorial Museum, Ogdensburg, N.Y.
NoOU Universitetet i Oslo (University of Oslo), Oslo, Norway.
NPV Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
NRU University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y.
NStBU St. Bonaventure University, St. Bonaventure, N.Y.
NSyU Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y.
NTRS Russell Sage College, Troy, N.Y.
Nv Superseded source.
Nv-Ar Nevada State Library, Division of State Archives, Carson City, Nev.
NvHi Nevada State Historical Society, Reno, Nev.
NvU University of Nevada, Reno, Nev.
NvU-NSP Nevada State Papers (microform archive), University of Nevada, Reno, Nev.
NvV2 Storey County Archives, County Courthouse, Virginia City, Nev.
NWattJHi Jefferson County Historical Society, Watertown, N.Y.
NWM United States Military Academy, West Point, N.Y.
NzW2 National Library of New Zealand, Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.
OCAJA American Jewish Archives, Cincinnati, Ohio.
OCHP Cincinnati Historical Society, Cincinnati, Ohio.
OCi Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Ohio.
OClRC Rowfant Club, Cleveland, Ohio.
OClW Case Western Reserve University, Kelvin Smith Library, Cleveland, Ohio.
OClW-H Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Health Sciences Library, Cleveland, Ohio.
OClWHi Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio.
ODaU University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio.
OFH Rutherford B. Hayes Library, Fremont, Ohio.
OHi Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, Ohio.
OKeU Kent State University, Kent, Ohio [formerly OKentU].
OMC Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio.
OOxM Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.
ORaHi Portage County Historical Society, Ravenna, Ohio.
OrHi Oregon Historical Society; Portland, Or.
OrPR Reed College, Portland, Or.
OTU University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio.
OYMHi Mahoning Valley Historical Society, Arms Museum, Youngstown, Ohio.
PBL Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa.
PCarlD Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa.
PGC Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pa.
PHC Haverford College, Haverford, Pa.
PHi Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.
PMA Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa.
PP Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa.
PPAmP American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, Pa.
PPiHi Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Pa.
PPiU University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa.
PSt Pennsylvania State University, Pattee Library, University Park, Pa.
PU University of Pennsylvania, Van Pelt-Dietrich Library, Philadelphia, Pa.
PYHi York County Historical Trust, York, Pa.
RNR Redwood Library and Athenaeum, Newport, R.I.
RPB-JH Brown University, John Hay Library of Rare Books and Special Collections, Providence, R.I.
RuM2 Russian State Archive of Literature and Art, Moscow, Russia.
RuMoRGB Russian State Library (Rossiiskaia Gosudarstvennaia Biblioteka), Moscow, Russia [formerly Ru, RuM3].
RuSp2 Literary Museum of the Russian Literature Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia [formerly RuL2].
StE2 National Register of Archives, Edinburgh, Scotland [formerly UkE2].
StEdNL National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland [formerly UkENL].
StElMCL Moray Council, Libraries and Information Services, Elgin, Scotland [formerly Uk6, UkElgM].
StGlM Mitchell Library, Glasgow, Scotland [formerly UkG2].
Sw2 Riksarkivet (National Archives of Sweden), Stockholm, Sweden.
SwUU Universitet i Uppsala (University of Uppsala), Uppsala, Sweden.
SzG2 Bibliothek Bodmeriana (Bodmeriana Library), Cologny-Gen&00E8;ve, Switzerland.
T Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tenn.
THaroL Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, Tenn.
THi Tennessee Historical Society, Nashville, Tenn.
TNJ Joint University Libraries, Nashville, Tenn.
TxDaM-P Southern Methodist University, Perkins School of Theology, Dallas, Tex.
TxEU University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, Tex.
TxFTC Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Tex.
TxGR Rosenberg Library, Galveston, Tex.
TxHU University of Houston, Houston, Tex.
TxU University of Texas, Austin, Tex.
TxU-Hu Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas, Austin, Tex.
Uk British Library, London, England.
Uk2 East Sussex Record Office, Lewes, England.
Uk3 Hove Central Library, Hove, England.
UkB Birmingham Public Libraries, Birmingham, England.
UK-BtUSL University of Sussex Library, Brighton, England [formerly Uk5].
UkChel2 John Wilson Manuscripts, Ltd., Cheltenham, England.
UkCU University of Cambridge, Trinity College Library, Cambridge, England.
UkL2 London School of Economics, British Library of Political and Economic Science, London, England.
UkL4 Library and Information Services, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Surrey, England.
UkL5 Routledge and Kegan Paul (Ltd) Archives, University College, London, England.
UkLeUBL University of Leeds, Brotherton Library, Leeds, England [formerly UkLe2].
UkLi2 Brown, Picton and Hornby Libraries, Liverpool, England.
UkLNAL Victoria and Albert Museum, National Art Library, London, England.
UkOxU Oxford University, Bodleian Library, Oxford, England.
UkReU University of Reading Library, Whiteknights, Reading, Berkshire, England [formerly Uk4].
UkStrS Royal Shakespeare Theatre Library, Shakespeare Centre, Stratford-upon-Avon, England.
UPB Brigham Young University, Harold B. Lee Library, Provo, Utah.
Vi Library of Virginia, Richmond, Va..
ViHi Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va.
ViNeM Mariners' Museum, Newport News, Va.
ViU University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.
ViW College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va.
VtMiM Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vt.
VtStaHM St. Albans Historical Society Museum, St. Albans, Vt.
WaPS Washington State University, Pullman, Wash.
WaS Seattle Public Library, Seattle, Wash.
WE Eau Claire Public Library, Eau Claire, Wis.
WEU University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Wis.
WHi State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis.
WU University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis.
WU-MU Madison Memorial Union Library, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis.
WvU West Virginia and Regional History Collection, West Virginia University Libraries, Morgantown, W.Va.
YuB2 Muzej Nikole Tesle (Tesla Museum), Belgrade, Serbia.