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November 21, 2013 - May 19, 2014
Third Floor Foyer, The Bancroft Library
Open during the operating hours of The Bancroft Reading Room

Curated by Jenna Cavelle, Winner of the Judith Lee Stronach Baccalaureate Prize

A tribute to the memory of the Owens Valley Paiute Indian water achievements, losses, contributions to pioneer society, and expropriation by the city of Los Angeles. Featuring journals, maps, and photographs from the collections of The Bancroft Library, this exhibition highlights early historical records of the ancient irrigation systems of the Paiute Indian tribes of California and their place in Paiute traditional cultural landscapes.

October 1, 2013 - March 31, 2014
The Bancroft Library Rowell Cases
Open during the operating hours of The Doe Library

Fourteen Depression-era UC Berkeley students, guided by the campus YMCA general secretary Harry L. Kingman, established a house in 1933 that would launch the University of California Students' Cooperative Association. Now known as the Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC), the student-operated non-profit cooperative has continued to grow, with 20 properties offering affordable housing options to 1,300 students from UC Berkeley and other Bay Area colleges and universities.

This exhibition celebrates the 80th anniversary of the BSC, the largest student cooperative in the United States, with photographs, brochures, publications, correspondence, and other documents drawn from the BSC records and other collections in the University Archives. It explores the origins, traditions, artistic activities, political involvement, and environmental sustainability efforts of the Co-op.

September 26, 2013 - May 30, 2014
The Bancroft Library Gallery
Open Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm

Phil Frank's long-running cartoon strips Travels with Farley and Farley have recently joined the drawings of Rube Goldberg, one of UC Berkeley's best-known alumni, and of Gus Arriola, creator of the ever-popular Gordo strip, at The Bancroft Library. In addition to the work of these cartoonists, the exhibit will feature comics by underground artist Dan O'Neill, creator of Odd Bodkins, and Lou Grant, editorial cartoonist for the Oakland Tribune from 1954 to 1986. This show will highlight both the topical and the timeless nature of the cartoon, one of the oldest forms of visual art known to mankind.

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