Mark Twain in the West: An Exhibition
San Francisco Correspondent

“Three of the suspected men still in confinement at Aurora”

Photograph of William H. Clagett, Mark Twain, and A. J. Simmons, at the time of the third Territorial Legislature, Carson City, January 1864. Clagett was the representative from Humboldt County, Mark Twain was a correspondent for the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise, and Simmons was Speaker of the House.

In a letter of 18 March 1864 to his sister, Clemens wrote that he was sending a copy (not this one) to his niece, Annie Moffett, for her scrapbook:

I also send her full-length pictures of his Excellency Gov. Mark Twain, of the Third House, Hon Wm H. Clagett of the House of Representatives, and Hon. A. J. Simmons, Speaker of the same. Ma will know Clagett by his frowsy hair & slovenly dress. He is the greatest ablest public speaker in the Territory.

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