Mark Twain in the West: An Exhibition
San Francisco Correspondent

Letter from Virginia City

Sam Clemens’s letter to his mother and sister from Virginia City, 18 July 1863, after he returned from San Francisco, “No. 10—$20 enclosed”:

Ma, you are slinging insinuations at me again. Such as “where did I get the money?” and “the company I kept” in San Francisco. Why I sold “wildcat” mining ground that was given me, & my credit was always good at the bank for two or three thousand dollars, & is yet. I never gamble, in any shape or manner, and never drink anything stronger than claret or lager beer, which conduct is regarded as miraculously temperate in this country. . . .

You and Pamela only pay $8 a week apiece for board (& lodging too?) Well, you are not in a very expensive part of the world, certainly. My room-mate & I pay, together, $70 a month for our bedchamber, & $50 a month, each, for board, besides. Put in my washing, & it costs me $100 to live.

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