Mark Twain in the West: An Exhibition
Writing for the Enterprise

A Reminiscence

Joseph T. Goodman, editor and publisher of the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise, 1860s (halftone print from Effie Mona Mack’s 1947 Mark Twain in Nevada):

Let me see—it was in 1862 that Sam Clemens came to work for us on the “Territor[ial] Enterprise.” He was prospecting in Esmeralda County and had sent us some voluntary contributions. They struck us so funny that we sent him word to come to Virginia City and take a job on the paper.

He came and we put him to work reporting local affairs. Later on we sent him to Carson to report a session of the legislature, and it was from Carson that he sent his first article signed “Mark Twain.” He had asked me if he might sign a name to some stories apart from the regular reports of the daily proceedings in the legislature, and I had told him he might. So he wrote a humorous series of letters on what he called “The Third House,” which described amusingly the carryings-on of a number of congenial legislators that were in the habit of gathering for a jolly social time after both houses of the legislature had adjourned over night.

(“Jos. Goodman’s Memories of Humorist’s Early Days,” San Francisco Examiner, 22 April 1910, 3)

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