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The Clubman

Aquarium Bylaws [manuscript, 1908]

Aquarium Bylaws [manuscript, 1908]

Aquarium Bylaws [manuscript, 1908]
Aquarium Bylaws
[manuscript, 1908]

The qualifications for membership in this club were "sincerity, good disposition, intelligence, & school-girl age." The bylaws also stipulated that Clemens, as "Admiral" of the order, would provide each member with the club badge, a tiny enameled angelfish pin.

The pin that Clemens gave to Louise Paine, daughter of his biographer, Albert Bigelow Paine, is shown here, much enlarged. Louise's pin came to the Mark Twain Papers as part of a 2004 gift from Anne T. Cushman, widow of Paine's grandson, Bigelow Paine Cushman.
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