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Exhibit item: Encarnacion Galindo Y Peralta Portrait

Exhibit item:
Encarnación Galindo Y Peralta Portrait

Glimpses of the Past: manuscript, undated

"Doña Encarnación ... in 1840 ... had a large vegetable garden, or milpa, and cultivated watermelons [near Temescal.] One day in the month of August, she walked down from her house at midday to look at her garden and see how her melons and vegetables were getting on ...

Just as she had left the garden, she saw a short distance off five or six horsemen, among them her husband, gathered about an immense bear which they had just lassoed. It was the matanza season, and the animal had been attracted to the spot by the smell of the meat.

He had come down from the mountains to feast upon the carcasses of the slaughtered cattle, but, contrary to the usual custom, had boldly approached in the broad light of day instead of at night.

He was a monster, the largest that had ever been seen there, strong and savage, having broken one of the reata. It required the strength of all the men to manage and hold him.

Doña Encarnación was a good deal startled at the sight of the struggling beast. Her husband made a motion to her to go back to the milpa, which she did, staying until the bear was fully secured and subdued. This was in the open country, with no concealment of woods or shrubbery."

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