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Exhibit item: Carrillo Family Portrait, The sons and daughters of Vicenta Sepulveda Yorba de Carrillo, from two marriages

Exhibit item:
Carrillo Family Portrait
The sons and daughters of Vicenta Sepúlveda Yorba de Carrillo, from two marriages

Glimpses of the Past: manuscript, undated

" ... [José Ramon Carrillo] was riding alone through the woods, when, seeing a bear a little distance away, he went after him on his horse, prepared to throw his reata and lasso him.

That part of the country was overgrown with chamiza, so that the ground was a good deal hidden. The chase had hardly commenced when the bear plunged suddenly into a ditch,perhaps five or six feet deep. Before Carrillo could check his horse, the animal and himself plunged headlong into it also.

He immediately distangled himself from his horse, and, while doing so, the bear showed signs of retreating. Under circumstances of the kind, a bear is apt to lose all his courage and is not inclined to fight, and in this instance the suddenness of the shock seemed to have knocked all the savageness out of him.

Don José Ramon instantly took in the situation; and saw that in such close quarters with the animal, with no room to move about to use his reata or otherwise defend himself, his situation would be a dangerous one ... and that his safety was in allowing [the bear] to get away.

The bear commenced to climb up the steep sides of the pit, where it was very difficult to get any kind of a hold, and Carrillo, with wonderful presence of mind, placed his strong arms under the brute’s hind-quarters and, exerting all his strength, gave him a good lift.

The bear having the good sense to rightly appreciate this friendly assistance, struggled forward, got out, and scampered away, leaving the horse and his master to climb out as best they could."

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