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Exhibit item: ALFRED T. AGATE, Encampment on the Sacramento, 1842. Handcolored engraving on paper

Exhibit item:
Encampment on the Sacramento, 1842
Handcolored engraving on paper

This illustration of Charles Wilkes' U.S. Exploring Expedition of 1842, shows men and pack animals resting in an expansive landscape along the Sacramento River. Charles Erskine was a member of the group that saw grizzlies there.

Twenty Years Before the Mast, 1890

"While surveying the Sacramento, Feather and other rivers, it was a beautiful sight to see the elks and deer coming down from the mountains to the river to drink. Grizzly Bears were also very plenty. The little cubs were very cunning and playful as kittens. One must be careful not to hurt them, if he does he may expect a tight hug from the mother."

Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition, 1845

"On the 12th, Lieutenant Emmons determined to ford the river, as it was doubtful whether he would have so good an opportunity lower down. Inass, one of the hunters, was found sitting beside his horse, on the opposite side of the ford, loaded with the meat and skin of a large grisly bear which he had killed. The river was about three feet deep, and two hundred yards wide. They stopped at a place known among the hunters as Bear-camp, from the number of grisly bears found here. Five of them were shot the same afternoon, with three deer, which were seen feeding within sight of the camp, all in excellent condition."

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