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Exhibit item: JAMES HOBBS, Wild Life in the Far West, 1875

Exhibit item:
Wild Life in the Far West, 1875

Autobiography of Isaac Jones Wistar, 1827-1905, 1914

" ...When I was at Redding Springs - now known as Shasta - at the head of the Sacramento and in sight of the glorious peak of the same name, a certain Dutchman had found some good diggings some miles from town, which he kept very secret and worked alone, coming in only on Sundays for the week's provisions. One night, having suffered some delay by the necessity of evading the boys, he reached home late with a good back load, including some fresh beef, which he hung up, and in order to keep off the thieving coyotes, made his bed underneath. During the night he was waked by a tremendous pressure on his body which seemed as though he must be squeezed flat. He was not long in finding that a huge grizzly, attracted by the savory smell (for tho mostly frugivorous, they will not refuse meat when it comes their way) was standing astride of him making little jumps after the meat which he could just reach but not lay hold of. After each failure he would take a seat on the Dutchman and grunt a little to himself on the tantalizing nature of the situation. At last by getting a good footing on Dutchy he made a successful grab and went off with the plunder, paying no attention whatever to the lawful proprietor. The latter lost no time in getting back to town, where with eyes as big as saucers he told his moving tale to all who would listen, whereby his carefully concealed bonanza at once became public to all the world... "

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