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Exhibit item: JOSEPH ADAMS FILCHER, Untold Tales of California, 1903

Exhibit item:
Untold Tales of California, 1903

A collection of short stories "peculiar to early life in California" includes the tale of Ed Herryman whose struggle with a bear culminated with the pair falling over a cliff, entwined in each others arms. Herryman reported that his quick wit saved the day, as he made sure to be on top of the animal when they struck the ground.

Hunting for Gold, 1849

"Charley Wilkins, who was walking a little ahead, suddenly stopped, and pointing to a moving mass of something which was coming forward from the brush, exclaimed: 'What is that?' But he did not wait for an answer, for we all simultaneously perceived that the unshapely object was a huge grizzly, who came to bid us welcome. Never did three men vacate the space they occupied more quickly than we did. We fairly flew towards the river and plunged in, making for the opposite shore at full speed. The bank was high and steep, and in our endeavors to climb up by holding on to grass or loose rocks, we fell backwards into the water several times, splashing about like young ducks and never even daring to look 'round. When we ultimately got ashore there was not a sign of the enemy, who evidently had never attempted to pursue us. We now made for camp and arming ourselves with the whole arsenal at our command, all hands marched out to kill the bear, but he had gone, leaving nothing but his track. From that day henceforth however I was satisfied that I had seen a grizzly, and no mistake about it ..."

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