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Exhibit item: [ANONYMOUS], 'The Grizzly Bear'
Hutchings', Illustrated California Magazine, September, 1856

Exhibit item:
"The Grizzly Bear"
Hutchings' Illustrated California Magazine, September, 1856

The detailed description of "The Grizzly Bear" that appeared in Hutchings' Magazine in 1856 included an illustration by Charles Nahl "drawn from Nature in [Grizzly] Adams' Menagerie in San Francisco." This was the earliest published appearance of Nahl's bear, which would later become the model for the grizzly on California's State Flag.

"How a Grizzly Stopped Berrying," The Grizzly Bear, 1910

"Everybody has to get out of the way of the grizzly bear when on the warpath. Before the hand of civilization had disturbed him in his mountain lair, he was found to weigh from 600 to 800 pounds. He is very secluded in his habits, and makes his home in the deep forests, or in the dense jungles of the tule and willows along the river. He is very tenacious of life, and his coat of fur is so thick and his hide so tough, that it takes a good deal of killing to make him render up his life. He is also a great epicure. Pork, veal, mutton and berries are among his favorite dishes, though he does not object to a man for breakfast occasionally. He is partial to moonlight rambles and loves darkness rather than light - always seeking his food between two days, or in the early morning. I frequently met with this lord of the forest in 1850, while traveling along the byways of the Sierras, and generally found him courteous enough to give the road; though a little prudence was necessary to assure this, and his majesty does not like to be bulldozed into measures. If left to his own choice, he will give the way, but it is not safe to crowd upon him."

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