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Exhibit item: Los Angeles Star, October 23, 1852. Benjamin Hayes Scrapbooks

Exhibit item:
Los Angeles Star, October 23, 1852
Benjamin Hayes Scrapbooks

The Sublette Brothers, along with Jim Bridger, George Yount, Jedediah Smith, James Clyman and George Nidever, took part in the Ashley-Smith expedition during which Hugh Glass miraculously survived a fight with a grizzly. Most of these trappers eventually arrived in California, bringing with them a determination to overpower the bears. Andy Sublette earned a reputation as a masterful bear hunter until he met his match and his Maker in 1854.

Reminiscences of a Ranger, or, Early Times in Southern California, 1881

"In '54 Andy Sublette was mortally injured by a bear in one of the cañons near Santa Monica. Andy had only recovered from severe injuries received in an encounter with a bear at Elizabeth Lake when in company with Jim Thompson he went on a bear hunt that was to be his last. Somehow or other he became separated from the party and found a grizzly and shot him, but before he could reload, the fierce brute was upon him. Poor Andy! It was his last fight, and gallantly did he maintain his former renown. His faithful dog, 'old Buck,' was with him, and the two fought ... and gained the victory over the mountain king. When Thompson found them, the bear lay dead, Andy was insensible and 'old Buck,' lacerated in a shocking manner, was licking the blood from poor Andy's face."

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