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Exhibit item: A.M. CUMMING, California for the Sportsman, 1911

Exhibit item:
California for the Sportsman, 1911

Photographs of hunters with trophy California Grizzlies are very rare. This Southern Pacific Railroad publication extols California's sporting wealth at a time when grizzlies were nearly extinct. Thirty-five years earlier, the State authorized bounty payments for each grizzly killed.

Statutes of California and Digest of Measures, 1876

"CHAP. CCCXCI. - An Act to encourage the destruction of certain wild animals in the Counties of Mendocino, Del Norte, Humboldt, Placer, Lake, San Luis Obispo, and Colusa, and to provide for a bounty for the same. [Approved March 29, 1876]

Section 1. Any person who shall kill or destroy, or cause to be killed or destroyed by any person in his or their employ, ... a panther, or California lion, or grizzly bear, shall be entitled to the sum of ten dollars..."

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