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Exhibit item: JOSEPH A. BATTY, 'Trapping the Bear', How to Hunt and Trap, 1878

Exhibit item:
"Trapping the Bear"
How to Hunt and Trap, 1878

"Big Game in the West," 1893
The Californian Illustrated Magazine

" ...Doubtless there are many people in California who remember the famous old grizzly, Club-foot - so named on account of the deformity of one of his forefeet. This animal being so renowned for his ferocity, destructiveness and cunning that several large rewards were continually outstanding for his capture or death. It was proven beyond a doubt that the range wanderings of the shaggy terror extended from San Diego County clear up to the Oregon border. Many tales, some true, the others, purely imaginary, are still told of the prowess of this bear, some going so far to assert that in order to insure a sufficient supply of fresh meat for winter use, Club-foot was in the habit of driving some cattle into some deep caņon in the very heart of the mountains, there to dispose of them at will. I once gave great offense to an old hunter by asking if he had ever heard of how Club-foot had raided a country store for a supply of salt to brine his beef... "

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