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Exhibit item: LLIOT PATTERSON, 'Reelfoot', n.d.

Exhibit item:
"Reelfoot," n.d.

Notorious grizzlies were said to roam the length and breadth of California, successfully eluding hunters and trappers. Clubfoot and Reelfoot are two names that appear in bear stories recounted in all parts of grizzly territory.

"Club-Foot The Outlaw"
Westways, May 1944

" ...One night we heard a terrific commotion outside, and my stepfather went out with his shotgun, an Old English double-barreled muzzle-loader. When he got to the corral he could see in the moonlight a big grizzly bear carrying off Cherrybell's calf. The bear had apparently let down some of the bars at the gate and while he went to the calf pen in the opposite corner, the cattle, badly frightened, had stampeded through the opening, breaking down the rest of the bars as they went. Running to the shelter of the milk house, near a slim oak tree which he could climb if the bear attacked him, my stepfather fired through the corral fence at the grizzly and the bear, without looking around, dropped the calf and walked quietly off into the brush. An examination of the tracks around the corral next morning proved that it was Club-foot, the outlaw, who had paid us another visit."

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