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Edward Winslow and Delila S. Gifford: 'Archaeological Excavations in Yap' Anthropological Records (Vol. 18, No. 12).  Berkeley: University of California Press, 1959.

Edward Winslow and Delila S. Gifford

“Archaeological Excavations in Yap”

Anthropological Records (Volume 18, Number 2)

Berkeley, University of California Press, 1959

The Giffords worked in Yap from 27 January to 2 June 1952, studying the prehistory of outer Oceania, and supporting the Department’s expanded international interests following World War II. Two similar efforts were also mounted in Viti Levu, Fiji, in 1947 and New Caledonia in 1952.

E51.C16 vol.18, no.2