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Alfred Louis Kroeber: Objectives of Graduate Instruction and Research in Anthropology full transcription

Alfred Louis Kroeber

“Objectives of Graduate Instruction and Research in Anthropology”

24 October 1932

“…for the next few years at least, we shall continue to train men really in only one of the sub-fields of anthropology, whereas our competitors, if I may call them so, train them in two or in three. Sooner or later this condition will have to be remedied….”

In the 1930s, Kroeber continued to press for expansion of the faculty and curriculum in the sub-fields of linguistics, archaeology, and physical anthropology, as this document (attached to a letter addressed to Dean C. B. Lipman) indicates. He gave special attention to graduate study, suggesting too much focus on undergraduate instruction up to this point. His concern may have been prompted in part by the addition of new graduate programs at Pennsylvania and Yale in the previous year, while Harvard, Columbia, and Chicago already offered graduate degrees.

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