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Letter from Frederic Ward Putnam to P.A. Hearst

Frederic Ward Putnam

Letter to P. A. Hearst

2 May 1902

“P.S. Strictly confidential I wonder if the thought may not come that you would like for me to give a good part of my time to the bringing about the further development of the Department .”

Putnam, nominally in charge of the Department, was also heading two other major museum programs in New York and Cambridge, as well as holding a professorship at Harvard. Wheeler wanted to establish the Department on a firmer footing with a graduate program. He offered Putnam the position of departmental chair and museum director in April 1902. Initially Putnam demurred, yet less than a month later he indirectly offered himself -- not to Wheeler but to Hearst.

BANC MSS 72/204 c Ctn 42