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Alfred L. Kroeber: First Annual Report, To the Honorary Advisory Committee

Alfred L. Kroeber

To the Honorary Advisory Committee

8 November 1902

In his first annual report, Kroeber outlined the work he had accomplished and plans for further development. He described extensive field work among the Yuki, Pomo, and Yurok tribes of Northern California describing the latter as offering “perhaps the most favorable opportunities for research of any in the state.” He also gives first mention of his desire to bring native informants to Berkeley, where it would be easier to collect and study their culture and language while teaching and building a graduate program at the University.

Describing the department’s first course which he had given in the Spring semester, he remarked:

“I made the course as practical and technical as I thought advisable. Intending it primarily for men who might make anthropology their profession. I gave no lectures, but assigned considerable reading …. As far as possible I used the collections in the museum to illustrate the reading. ”

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